Yurt Consulting

If you are looking to purchase or have already purchased your yurt, congratulations!  You are in for a lot of fun designing and planning your perfect space.  (It really is a hoot, I'm not just saying that..:)  When it comes to getting ready for the delivery of your yurt and the building of it, the yurt manufacturers are really great.  I can't say anything bad about any of them, they are an amazing resource and anyone you talk to at a yurt company will know far more than I.  

However if you still have questions about : design, site layout, foundations, floors, walls, plumbing, HVAC, off grid setups, backup power setups, drainage and sewer or how yurts work to live in - that's where I can help.  I've found a 30 minute phone call is usually enough time to answer all but the most detailed of building questions.  You are also free to book a yurt and give it a try first - there are yurts all over to give you an idea and see what others have done.

Bio - Garth began building and the construction industry in 1991 at the ripe old age of 15.  His uncles owned a construction company that started out in high end residential construction and turned to commercial.  He's always done odd jobs and construction for his uncles and others while pursuing other pursuits in college and graduate school.  Owning homes and rentals, Garth usually did most of his own work as a typical homeowner would throughout his 20's and 30's.  After a 12 year IT career in Seattle, divorce, and cancer, Garth started building HappyTails Cabins and Yurts in the summer of 2018.  There are 3 yurts on the property, one 30' and two 24'. Each yurt has been slightly more refined and after a few years Garth is pretty confident with what is working and what needed changing.  

Rates - $100/30 Min phone call.  $150/60 Min onsite tour of a yurt.

Email - happytailsmtrainier@gmail.com